7 Must-Do Home Renovations For First-Home Buyers In Brampton

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If you’re a DIYer who’s just bought a home for the first time, you’re in for a real treat. There’s no greater joy than turning a space into something you’ll enjoy and cherish for the next few years. There are many pitfalls to home renovation and some things are best left to the professionals. Planning the home renovations and your budget smartly will save you from many mistakes.  

Here are 7 must-do home renovations for first-time home buyers in Brampton: 

1. Refresh the space with fresh paint

Painting is the easiest and least time-consuming DIY for every first-time home buyer. It is also a fun process to pick colours for each room and create an aesthetic backdrop for putting your furniture and decor against. Follow the instructions from the paint company for the best results. For a 3 bedroom house, wall paint shouldn’t cost you more than $150. 

2. Install a new dishwasher 

If you purchased a fixer upper or a house with old appliances, your dishwasher needs to be changed first. A new Energy Star-qualified dishwasher will save you 500 gallons of water and over $30 in electricity every year. If you wash dishes by hand, you’re using 40% more water. A dishwasher is super easy to install, so you don’t need a plumber or an electrician’s help either. Dishwashers in Brampton start around $450.

3. Update door handles and knobs

Another instant glow up home renovation idea is updating door handles and knobs. Add a fresh stain or paint them to compliment your home decor. You can find gorgeous handle and door knob options at your local hardware store. 

4. Make the space more efficient 

As a first-time home buyer you are going to want to fill up the home with every possible furniture. Don’t do that. Keep the space minimal, so there’s free space for you to move around comfortably. If you have kids, make the space kid-proof. Create additional storage in the basement or garage, so you can hide away toys and appliances you don’t need regularly. 

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5. Install low-cost flooring in the laundry room

Laundry room floor has to be easy-to-clean, non-slip, and crack resistant. Vinyl tiles are the easiest to install but also the cheapest. It typically comes in 12×12-inch tiles and multiple colour, texture, and pattern options. You can mix and match colours and create new patterns using them. Vinyl tiles should cost you $2 per square foot and around $80 in other materials.

6. Update the bathroom with peel-off wallpaper

Bathrooms get ignored easily when it comes to home decor. Slap some white paint and you’re done. But let’s change that. Peel-off wallpaper cost starts at $5 per square foot. You don’t have to glue them or make sure they are aligned. They are easy to peel-off when you get bored and want to change. 

7. Install ceiling fans to save energy 

You don’t find ceiling fans commonly in Brampton homes, but they are easy to install. More so, it’s perfect for saving energy all year around. In summers, fans circulate cool breeze and in winters, helps the heater by evenly distributing hot air. Ceiling fans should cost you anywhere between $50 to $450 depending on how many and how luxurious you want. Replace an old light fixture with a fan and light combo. 

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