Should I Buy A Home With An Open Floor Plan In Brampton?

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Open floor plans have become extremely popular over the last few years. It creates an illusion of a bigger space and with homes getting smaller, it works perfectly. Like everything else, houses in Brampton with an open floor plan have their drawbacks. As a realtor in Brampton, I’ve toured hundreds of homes with my clients and all I can say is the preference comes down to their personal taste and needs. 

What is an open floor plan?

An open floor plan is a term used to describe a living room layout including the kitchen, dining room, and living area with no wall in between. It doesn’t include the bathrooms or bedrooms. However, the floor plan can differ largely. In some homes, all three rooms will be placed in a square, while others will have an L-shaped layout. 

It first became popular in the 1990s and now can be found in many homes across Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and newer constructions in Oakville, Milton, and Caledon. 

open floor plan in brampton, houses for sale in brampton, modern homes for sale In brampton, mississauga, realtor near me, Catherine nacar

Advantages of buying a home with an open floor plan in Brampton 

1. Illusion of a bigger space

One big room is always going to give the illusion of a bigger space than the same area divided into three smaller areas. The lack of walls offer free flowing traffic and opens up the space. 

2. More flexibility for furniture arrangements

If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy moving the furniture around every so often to keep things interesting. You can turn the breakfast bar or the dining room into an office and move the dining area into the kitchen. 

3. Better sunlight

No walls and more windows means the living room will be flooded with sunlight all day. You’ll need less lamps or artificial lighting and if you’re a plant person, your plants will love the warmth and light. 

4. Easier to host parties 

You can communicate with your guests and family from the kitchen without any barrier. Your guests will know where food and drinks are kept and won’t feel awkward walking into the kitchen without your permission. 

5. Easier to look after kids

It’s easier to monitor kids while they play in the living room when you’re cooking food in the kitchen or working at the dining table. Kids will also be relieved that you are around and won’t ask for constant attention. 

Disadvantages of an open floor plan

1. No noise control

Walls act as noise barriers and since an open floor plan doesn’t have one, you won’t be able to take work calls while there’s people or family around. 

2. Lack of privacy or personal space

Forget working in the dining area while your partner’s watching a game or kids are playing. Also, to have a private talk, you’ll have to go to the bedroom or outside the house.

3. Higher electricity bills 

Big rooms take longer to cool or heat, which means your electricity bills would be higher. In a closed floor plan, you can shut off vents of rooms you don’t want cooled or heated. 

Some love the aesthetic aspect of an open floor plan, while some prefer separating the kitchen from the dining area and living room. When house shopping, keep your options open because you never know what you’ll fall in love with! 

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