How to Search House for Rent in Toronto? 5 Easy Steps


Are you a newcomer in Toronto, searching for a place to live in? Well, it is one of the most challenging tasks to figure out once you arrive in Canada. No doubt, Toronto is one of the best cities offering career opportunities. Let us focus on the basics of renting in Toronto with our expert advice that will help you find a house for rent, you’ll be happy to reside in:

1. Explore online options to check out the deals –

Sites like ViewIt and are some popular places to check the rent in several neighbourhoods. To get better deals, sites/apps like Craigslist, Zumper, Padmapper, Kijiji, and Bunz Home Zone on Facebook are worth browsing. Since these are listing aggregators, they present a forum for tenants to connect with landlords directly. With no dealers involved, the disadvantage is that you need to verify the listing authenticity on your own.

2. Choosing between residing in downtown or the suburbs-

Renting a place in the suburbs such as Brampton, Mississauga, or Scarborough is relatively more affordable than downtown Toronto. However, don’t forget to add the expense of your daily commute for a more holistic picture.

3. Stay ahead of your timing and dates-

Units or condos are listed for rent typically two months before the move-in date (for example, an apartment posted on August 1st becomes available October 1st). Furthermore, note that most rents begin on the 1st of the month. In a metropolis like Toronto, the fall season is an occupied time, be sure to plan, plan & plan!

4. Don’t forget to inspect the place-

Your first rental is an overwhelming time – be careful throughout the process! In big cities like Toronto, household insects like bedbugs can be a problem, so review the place. You may get a great deal on rent if the building is somewhat older or if the construction is yet to be finished.

5. Find a broker to get the best house for rent –

When you hire a real estate broker, you can stay assured that you’ll get the best & trustworthy deals. An experienced realtor will share hundreds of options and make sure that you get your desired apartment in an unknown city like Toronto.


There are excellent offerings in Toronto; all you need is the right and trustworthy people who can help you find a reasonable accommodation. Catherine Nacar has years of experience in assisting tenants from all across the world arriving in Canada.

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