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Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, these living spaces redefine modern living. Explore projects from Ontario and Alberta handpicked for modern buyers like you. 

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Oakridge Meadows

$1,400,000Starting from high
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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  • 1,547 - 4,678 sq ft
Richmond Hill, Ontario
$1,400,000 Starting from high
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Why Invest in Semi-Detached Houses?

Pre-construction semi-detached houses present a great opportunity for potential homeowners and investors looking for long-term real estate investments. Two financial benefits of this new home are lower entry prices compared to existing properties and they cost less than detached pre-construction homes. If you are at an early stage, you  can secure a property at a price below market value. As the construction progresses, the value of these homes typically increases and appreciates greatly in value. 

You can also personalize the property by selecting finishes, layouts, and other design elements, so the house feels like home to you. This stands true even for investors. To be a good landlord, you have to understand a modern renter’s needs and fulfill them reasonably. Semi-detached house rentals in the GTA are at an all-time high, so it only makes sense to provide them the best.   

Investing in a semi-detached house means less maintenance concerns compared to detached homes. The shared walls and often smaller lot sizes mean lower upkeep costs and efforts. This makes it the perfect home for career-driven individuals and young families who have very little time on their hands. 

Newer properties in GTA tend to be more energy-efficient and incorporate modern building standards and technologies. These properties often feature high-efficiency HVAC systems, improved insulation, energy-saving windows, and sometimes even renewable energy sources like solar panels to reduce energy costs in the long term.  

Average Price of New Semi-Detached House in GTA

New construction semi-detached houses in the GTA cost around $900,000. Some projects by renowned builders in Markham, Vaughan, and Mississauga can go up to $1.5 Million. These new homes can be considered luxury and more suitable for families with more than 4-5 members and seasoned investors. 

Meet Catherine Nacar

Your Pre-Construction Specialist in Brampton

Meet Catherine Nacar, a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for pre-construction real estate in Canada. With a solid academic background in Real Estate Management and several years of experience in the industry, Catherine combines formal education with practical experience to offer a well-rounded service.

Having worked closely with some of Canada’s top developers and architects, Catherine provides clients with invaluable insights into upcoming projects. This isn’t just about making a sale; it’s about helping you make informed decisions so you can invest with confidence.

From Toronto and Mississauga to Calgary, Catherine has successfully brokered deals across a wide variety of properties—be it chic boutique condos or expansive multi-family developments. With such a diverse range of projects under their belt, you can feel secure knowing Catherine has the expertise to meet your unique needs.

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A Smaller Upfront Cost, A Bigger Future Gain

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Financial Upside

Investing in a pre-construction semi-detached house allows you to secure a favorable price before construction even begins. As the property appreciates in value, your investment grows too, offering you the option to sell upon completion for potential profit.

Customization Options

From layout choices to finish upgrades, you have the creative freedom to make the space truly your own. Plus, certain developers sweeten the deal with decor dollars, giving you added flexibility to modify specific design elements.

Lower Initial Costs

Many developers provide the advantage of flexible payment plans, requiring only a modest initial down payment. These structured deposits typically range from 10-20% of the property's total value and can be spread out over a 2-5 year period, making financial planning more manageable.

Future Planning

With a locked-in unit, you're not just buying real estate, you're also buying the opportunity to plan your next steps carefully. Whether you intend to make it your personal residence or are considering renting it out for passive income, you have ample time to explore your options.

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Words From Clients

I hired Catherine to assist my mom in finding a place in Brampton. Catherine is friendly, responds quickly to texts and knows the Brampton well. She recommended suitable areas and we quickly found a place. I recommend using her services; you'll be happy you did.
Jay Gamez
Jay Gamez
August 22, 2023.
Our real estate agent provided exceptional assistance during the process of selling my mother-in-law’s property through an estate sale. As an Estate Trustee, dealing with probate in court can be complex but she was knowledgeable about the procedures and handled everything smoothly. Her empathetic and sensitive approach to our needs during this emotional time is commendable. The fact that she sold the house within 3 weeks is impressive and her regular communication with keeping us informed throughout the process was highly appreciated. Overall, she did a fantastic job as our real estate agent. Thank you Catherine! Jamie
Jamie & Michele Round
Jamie & Michele Round
July 30, 2023.
I was always curious about new built homes or as Catherine would say it pre-construction projects. After discussing a few investment options with my family, we decided to purchase a pre-construction home in Kitchener. I was very happy with Catherine’s approach. She met with us and explained everything, the entire process including the potential rate of return on our property in a few years. It was a lot of information and I knew Catherine had the experience. I would highly recommend her.
Purva Singh
Purva Singh
July 19, 2023.
I used Catherine to purchase a preconstruction condo in Mississauga. I didn’t know how to buy one or what was required. Catherine was quite knowledgeable and explained it to me in simple and easy to understand words. She was very patient with me and never tried to push me in purchasing one. I finally purchased one this year and I am so happy I did thanks to Catherine because she really knows her stuff.
Chelsea W
Chelsea W
June 30, 2023.
Catherine handled both our sale of our home and also our purchase of new home. She was so incredibly professional, informative and patient. We sold our rural home quickly and not long after , found our beautiful new home. We had many items on our checklist and Catherine found them all. Wow !! We could not have been blessed for someone better. All advice Catherine gave assisted us immensely. Catherine exceeded our expectations. She represented us so well and we highly recommend her to anyone searching for or selling their home. Thank you Catherine! We are beyond happy.
Gina Maria Shepherd
Gina Maria Shepherd
April 22, 2023.
Our pre-construction property recently closed and my husband and I decided to rent it out. We had very little knowledge on rentals but our real estate agent explained the process very well in layman’s terms. She was also very thorough in screening tenants and provided us with documents for each tenant interested in our property. She definitely had our best interests at heart throughout the process. Thanks Catherine!!
Haripriya Gadde
Haripriya Gadde
December 16, 2022.
I have been working with Catherine for several years now and she has always put her customers first. Catherine is consistently thoughtful and trustworthy in her approach with clients and her business partners. She is extremely disciplined with providing the best customer experience, and prioritizing her clients needs. I appreciate her professionalism and care towards any financial inquires. I would highly recommend Catherine for anyone looking to have a smooth and confident experience with any real estate transaction.
rojwan ozdemir
rojwan ozdemir
December 12, 2022.
Honest, Trustworthy, Hardworking, and dedicated are only a few words that highlight Catherine Nacar. She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. While working with Catherine she was always readily available to answer any of our questions or concerns. Throughout the entire process Catherine made us feel comfortable and we felt at ease knowing we were in good hands. Catherine is super friendly and fun to work with. It was a pleasure having her as our agent. We would strongly recommend Catherine Nacar. Call or email her. You won’t be disappointed. - Catherine Nevrela
Catherine Nevrela
Catherine Nevrela
December 9, 2022.
Found this real estate agent online. Used her to help me get my son a house. She was very nice and knew a lot about Brampton. She knew all the street names and neighborhoods. I was very impressed. I would refer her to my friends and family. Thank you, Catherine.
pardeep Thiara
pardeep Thiara
December 7, 2022.
What an amazing expericme , Catherine was super quick responding to any messages and was extremely well prepared with paperwork and getting everything signed right away. Definitely the nest person I have dealt with in real estate!!!! Thank you
Chris Therriault
Chris Therriault
December 7, 2022.

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These homes are not just a place to live but an investment in your lifestyle. Enjoy spacious layouts, state-of-the-art amenities, and the option to customize finishes to your taste.

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