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Hi! Welcome to my website. I am Catherine Nacar, a real estate agent based in Brampton. I specialise in helping first-time home buyers through the Ontario real estate.

Buying a Home

Catherine has a goal to make home-buying a positive and enjoyable experience for her clients. She provides online assistance with up to date real estate analysis and comparable reports.

Selling Your Home

Without proper knowledge, selling your house can be daunting and stressful. Catherine makes this process as smooth and effective as possible. She educates her clients and provides them with facts, comparable and detailed reports.

Renting a Home

Catherine offers renting solutions to her clients. Whether you are the landlord or tenant, she will protect your interest and provide you with her knowledge and experience in residential/commercial leasing.


Check out the latest pre-construction projects in Ontario. These pre-construction projects include condos, detached, semi-detached and town houses. Best for investment or a first time home buyer.



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Buying your first home is a big deal!

As an award-winning real estate agent in Brampton, I am here to assist you in buying or selling real estate, purchasing pre-construction properties, and leasing in Ontario. I have extensive years of experience helping a diverse clients. More than that, I care about you. No matter how difficult your property must-haves are, I’ll find just the right home for you.

I, Catherine Nacar, have been supporting first-time home buyers in Ontario Canada to find their dream home. Be it a bungalow, detached house, semi detached house or simply a condo or apartment, we’ve got you covered!

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We help you find the best house in the city that suits your budget and timeframe.

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Our unique online application keeps the process easy and straightforward.

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We proudly serve all of Ontario with our best real estate services.

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Our local, experienced real estate professionals are here to help answer your questions.

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Know where you are in the process with weekly updates on your home journey.

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Fully local processing and help you get your real estate homes sooner.

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Discover how much your home deserves in today's market.

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Gain access to more listing information and refined search results.

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Let Toronto's top-performing real estate agent facilitate the purchase/sale of your home.

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Use our mortgage calculator to see what you can afford.

Tailored Solutions

We tailor our approach, depending on your requirements.

What My Clients Say...

We would never have thought of buying a house in the middle of the pandemic. Since this was our first time buying a house in Canada, we weren’t much aware of the rules and regulations. Catherine Nacar was very accommodating and made us feel comfortable. She answered every call and question with professionalism and honesty. I respect her work ethic so much because she never pushed us into buying a house. When we found our dream house, she fought on our behalf to get all our demands fulfilled. I can’t recommend Catherine Nacar enough for all your real estate needs. Thank you again for helping us out, Catherine!
Sherley Furtado
Sherley Furtado
November 14, 2021.
As a first-time home buyer I thought buying a condo is going to be complicated and a very lengthy process. But that wasn’t the case once we found Catherine Nacar. From start to finish, working with Catherine was an absolute dream. She took time to build a relationship with my fiance and made us feel comfortable. She’s very informative, well-researched and updated with the latest market trends. She knows in and out of the real estate industry. Catherine definitely is the best realtor in Brampton you can find out there! If you’re a first-time home buyer, I would recommend you to choose Catherine Nacar as your realtor. She provided us excellent service and I am so happy with our decision. Catherine turned the lengthy and boring real estate buying process into a seamless experience for us.
Tejaswini Parker
Tejaswini Parker
November 9, 2021.
After years of renting, I realized that I was paying a mortgage anyway so it might as well be my own. Mine wasn't a straightforward first-time home buy, though. I had very stringent requirements in order to accomodate my elderly, mobility-impaired father. Given the awful stories I'd been reading in the papers, I expected to be in for a long, hard grind, particularly since it was crucial to my business and my father's medical care that I stay in Brampton relatively close to the hospital. It doesn't help that I was scared out of my mind! From the beginning, I immediately had faith in Catherine: her professionalism and optimism made the process incredibly fast and easy! She listened carefully to my requirements, then explained how the real estate process works. I was made aware of things that I thought made it completely impossible but she kept my confidence buoyed Instead of months of parading in and out of properties, I only ended up viewing three. I put a bid on the first property, but the owner was not bidding in good faith. The counter-offer was way out of scale. I was still going to go for it but Catherine pointed out that the agent was playing on my fears and insecurities and that it wasn't the last house on the market. She also pointed out what I hadn't thought of: accepting the seller's price would have wiped out any budget for the extensive work needed to make the place suitable for my father to move around confidently and safely. The second house was exciting and I was so hoping but, in the end, the seller went with the other offer. It was only ten thousand more than mine but, instead of egging me to find the extra money, Catherine said it was better to keep looking. The third house was bang on the money! Not only did it meet every single requirement, but it had even been recently renovated and looked fantastic! Catherine went in armed for battle and I got a great price! I knew i made the right choice of agent when even the opposing agent complimented Catherine's skill and expertise! These days, digital signing is all the rage, but Catherine went traditional to respect my father's distrust of electronic transactions. She printed everything out time after time and drove to my house so my father could read the details on actual paper. He was putting the money for the down payment and he signed with a proud flourish I hadn't seen in a long time. I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to real estate but Catherine patiently explained things over and over so I could see how the situation changes. She provided evidence, statistics, and data so I knew she wasn't just pulling numbers out of a hat when she gave projected estimates. She was open about where I could find third party information and she was always upbeat, telling me "there's always a solution!" When I was in utter despair and ready to just give up. My family and I are so happy in our new home! There's space for everybody and Dad has his indépendance back. I can't think Catherine enough for this life-transforming experience!
Silja Hare
Silja Hare
October 8, 2021.
Catherine was extremely helpful and supportive with our decision to sell our home. Selling a home can be very emotional and intimidating but Catherine helped us focus our goals, measure our options and plan our future! We made all decisions with informed confidence!
Sandy Gauthier
Sandy Gauthier
October 1, 2021.
Bought 3 properties with Catherine. Had a great experience every time!
Adelaines Camera Roll
Adelaines Camera Roll
September 27, 2021.
Catherine is an amazing realtor, she is very easy going, will work hard to get what you want and is very fast to respond. Catherine made my first time buying a home a breeze and she's always looking to get you the best ROI Possible. I highly recommend getting Catherine as your realtor!
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan
September 14, 2021.
I was interested in purchasing a piece of vacant land for recreational use. After reaching out to Catherine, she researched the property, and even went so far as to contact the municipality to ask specific questions about the plot. She informed me that there were certain restrictions on this particular property due to its location and zoning, and that I would not be able to use it for my intended purposes. Thanks to Catherine for working so quickly, and for being so thorough, otherwise I may have purchased a property that would not have met my needs. She is professional, and easy to work with. It’s really hard to find this level of care as a client anywhere, anymore.Thanks again Catherine.
August 8, 2021.
Based on a glowing recommendation from one of my colleagues, my fiancé and I decided to use Catherine as both our listing and selling agent, and we are SO glad that we did. Here’s why: Listing: Upon first impressions, we noticed right away that Catherine was dedicated to representing our best interests. She did everything possible to ensure that we felt supported (e.g., her response time is impeccable, she worked around our busy schedules, she guided us to stage our home for maximum value, etc.) Her strong work ethic, knowledge and expertise landed us $220,000 over-asking, with other houses on our street also being recently sold for asking. Yes, you read that correctly. We are over-the-moon happy! We knew she was good, but this still came as an extra surprise! Selling: I appreciated that Catherine applies no pressure to purchase. Throughout the entire process, I felt that Catherine cared about us as individuals, rather than making a ‘sale’. She helped us search for the perfect property for months! Once we found our dream home, she worked her magic while guiding us on how to make a strong offer. We cried tears of happiness when we found out that the buyers had chosen us, and I could tell that Catherine sincerely shared in our joy! Thank you Catherine for your commitment, dedication, and expertise as we made the biggest purchase of our lives! We are grateful to have met you. I highly recommend Catherine Nacar, she’s an agent that cares.
Melissa Murray
Melissa Murray
August 5, 2021.
Catherine is highly knowledgeable when it comes to real estate and current market conditions. Catherine took care of both our buying and selling. With purchasing our new home, Catherine was able to negotiate and stay within our budget, providing a very detailed step to step approach during the course of the transaction. She never pressured us into a purchase and always had our best interest. Once we purchased, Catherine took care of listing our home and lead the process, providing her expertise from start to end. When listing, we left the province and left our home in Catherine hands. Catherine scheduled showings, booked photographers, kept the house clean and sanitized, continuously updated us and at the end presented us multiple offers and explained the pros and cons of each offer which resulted in us selling way over asking with no conditions and a perfect closing time. We highly recommend Catherine for all your real estate needs!
Kyle Nevrela
Kyle Nevrela
July 27, 2021.
Catherine is very professional, more importantly very experienced and has great market sense to judge best value for real estate in GTA market. Will recommend to any friend with out a second thought.
bala shiva
bala shiva
July 7, 2021.

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