What To Not Fix When Selling Your Property?

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If you’re planning to put your property on the market, you might be tempted to make it look like the cover of a home and garden magazine. But hold that thought—and your wallet! Not all fixes are mandatory and most won’t even add to your property’s selling price.

First off, not every repair will pay off. Some updates won’t increase your home’s value enough to justify the cost, and others might even be changes that potential buyers will want to customize themselves.  As a realtor in Brampton, I always advise my clients to stay away from these unnecessary fixes. 

Here are 7 fixes to not do when selling your property:

1. High-End Upgrades

You might think that installing a chef’s kitchen or a spa-like bathroom will make your home irresistible. While these luxury upgrades can be appealing, they often do not offer the return on investment you might expect. High-end appliance upgrades and lavish additions are typically tailored to personal taste. Keep in mind, your idea of a dream kitchen might not match a prospective buyer’s vision. Stick to making sure everything is functional and clean, without going overboard.

2. Complete Overhauls of Outdated Rooms

Yes, that vintage bathroom or retro kitchen might look out of style, but complete overhauls can be money pits. Instead of gutting the entire space, consider less invasive upgrades. Replacing old faucets, lighting fixtures, or even adding a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into the room without the hefty price tag of a full remodel. 

3. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Thinking about replacing old carpets throughout the house? Carpets are not only subject to personal taste but can also trigger allergies. Many homebuyers today lean towards hardwood floors or tiles for a cleaner, more modern look. Instead of investing in new carpeting, consider giving buyers a credit to choose their own flooring or simply hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of existing carpets.

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4. Intensive Landscaping

Curb appeal matters, but there’s a fine line between tidying up your yard and creating a botanical wonderland. Expensive landscaping or elaborate garden features might not appeal to all buyers and won’t necessarily boost your home sale price. Focus on basic maintenance like mowing the lawn, trimming overgrown bushes, and removing any yard debris. Let the new owners envision and create their own outdoor paradise.

5. Neutralizing Unique Decor

While extremely personalized decor can turn off potential buyers, completely stripping your home of all personality might backfire as well. Instead of repainting the entire house in beige, leave some well-chosen, tasteful colour accents. These can make your home feel more inviting and lived-in, without overwhelming prospective buyers with bold, eccentric styles. Use colours and home decor that’s in trend so people find similarity and book a private viewing. 

6. Advanced Home Automation Systems

While tech upgrades are increasingly popular, the return on investment for sophisticated home automation systems isn’t always significant. If you already have smart home features in place, make sure they are in good working order. However, installing new tech features specifically for selling might not be worth the cost. Remember, not every buyer is a tech enthusiast and might not value this as much as you do. And if they do, they might have a strong preference for a particular brand. 

7. Roof Replacement

If your roof is leaking, it definitely needs attention. However, if it’s just showing signs of age but still has a few years left in it, hold off on a complete replacement. Roof repairs can be a better solution if there are minor issues. Often, buyers will have a home inspection done and might negotiate roof repairs as part of the sales terms rather than expecting a brand new roof.

Make smart choices. Work with a realtor who knows the local market and advise you renovations that make a big impact on the selling price. 

Ready to sell your home with confidence? Reach out to Realtor Catherine Nacar today! 

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