How to Market Resale Properties to First-Time Homebuyers?

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Selling resale properties to first-time homebuyers can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Most first home buyers in Canada are looking for properties that don’t require much renovation and have good, solid bones. As a real estate agent or a property owner, the key is knowing how to position these homes in a way that highlights their value and potential. That should be your focus while selling your property in GTA.

5 Tips and Tricks to Market Resale Properties to a First-time Home Buyer

1. Hire an Experienced Agent

Having an experienced Brampton realtor by your side simplifies the complex world of resale properties. A skilled agent can guide you through effective negotiation methods, market your property successfully, suggest competitive pricing, and offer insights into attracting local buyers, among other benefits.

2. Inspect and Make Repairs

Another technique to make reselling properties appealing to first-time home buyers is by paying for a home inspection. With a thorough inspection report in hand, you can make any deal-breaking improvements before listing, and you will be able to identify repairs that might necessitate a price reduction.

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3. Make the Necessary Refurbishments

The value of resale properties increases in the eyes of the buyer if you have major repairs after the inspection report, like the roof, furnace, and water heater. Likewise, you can also fix cosmetic issues that might prevent the property from making a good first impression. For instance, relatively affordable fixes, such as painting, repairing window screens, and updating fixtures can go a long way to accentuating the value of resale properties.

4. Update the Property

You can also update the resale property with high-tech and functional features to attract home buyers. According to a survey by Zillow, some of the add-ons that a majority of new homeowners find extremely or very important are –

  • Air Conditioning (76 percent)
  • Private outdoor space (70 percent)
  • Preferred kitchen style (56 per cent)
  • Energy efficient features (56 per cent)

5. Update the Property’s Exterior

While marketing a resale property to new homebuyers, any experienced realtor in Brampton will advise you to focus on curb appeal, as the first impression is what you get with a buyer. Some of the measures that you can for exterior home enhancement are-

  • Landscaping: Tidy up the garden beds, plant vibrant flowers, mow the lawn, and get rid of any leaves or debris.
  • Pressure Washing: Make sure that the driveway, walkway and sidewalk are neat and clean.
  • Painting: Evaluate the exterior of the home and see if it needs to be repainted. Even if not a full-blown paint job is required, a few coats on the doors, shutter, window frames, etc., can make a mile of a difference.
  • Decorative Add-ons: Lastly, you can also enhance the curb appeal of your resale property by upgrading light fixtures or getting a new mailbox.

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